Xiaomi receives "Million Dollar Technology" Award with two separate technologies

Xiaomi receives "Million Dollar Technology" Award with two separate technologies


Despite all the crises in 2020, Xiaomi, which has put forward innovative technologies such as 120W fast charging, has received the "Million-Dollar Technology" Award for its work.

As every year, the Million Dollar Technology Award found its owner in this year, and for the first time, the award was awarded to not one but two products. In this context, Xiaomi was the recipient of the 2020 Million Dollar Technology Award thanks to its 120W fast charging feature and the privacy features it offered along with the MIUI 12.

As you know, the Mi 10 Ultra, which Xiaomi announced last year and is the most powerful smartphone in the Mi 10 family, offered a wired fast charge with 120W power. This high power transfer rate allowed a 4,500 mAh battery to charge in just 23 minutes, which promises to bury the “I'm out of charge”complaint in history.

"Million dollar technology" award for Xiaomi'S 120W fast charging feature

In fact, Xiaomi's main success was not to offer 120W fast charging support, but to make this feature available in a “safe” way. Featuring a 34-level protection protocol, the 120W fast charging feature allows you to avoid worrying about an explosion due to overheating when you connect the Mi 10 Ultra to the charger.

Another technology that was awarded the Million - Dollar Technology Award was MIUI 12's privacy features. Along with MIUI 12.5, data on smartphones has a high level of protection against advertising and malicious access. Thus, the problem of “data breach”, which has been frequently discussed recently, disappears with MIUI 12. However, it is useful not to wander too much on Uncanny sites.

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